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Graphic Design and CSS: Where WYSIWYG went wrong.

Way back in the 1980s, some very nerdy graphic designers began to write their designs in code. John Warnock, one of the founders of Adobe Systems had developed a computer-generated, vector-based programming language called PostScript   more»

Don't Get Trapped In A Box: The Pitfalls of Design by Template.

There is a reason we recommend custom web design for our clients.We have worked with templates extensively in WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, and others and we know the actual ups and downs of a pre-formatted design for your   more»

Web Design: Why Simple is So Complex

“I just want a simple design. Minimal, nothing fancy. Something that will grab the visitor, but with a clean look. Minimal text, because people don't read – lots of photos and video, but keep it simple.”We   more»

App development: Hybrid, Native, or JS (React Native)

There are 3 types of apps we can create for you at Slabmedia. All of them have upsides and downsides, and all of them have different price ranges. 1. Hybrid App.This type of app is a set of code on the phone or tablet that serves   more»

Video, Videmus, Vident: How to use Video to create a better User Experience

With the growing competition to getting better SEO results, more and more businesses are turning to professionally created video to grab and convert your visitors. Google now values professional video as part of your overall user   more»

Using Stock Photos? Here's What You Need to Know First

If you listen to experts on website design, they'll likely tell you about the value that great content provides to your visitors. And part of that conversation will be a discussion of great artwork. In some cases, the photos   more»

How to Drive External-Video Viewers to Your Landing Page

Creating immediate and compelling arguments for your brand is one of the key values of video. Getting that content in front of millions of potential viewers is another.Some 1 billion viewers click their way through YouTube's   more»

Photos Matter: 7 Tips for Sharper Website Images and Design

Marketers spend a lot of time talking about content as a kind of end result — meaning the whole of the story that's being told, the message that a brand delivers. Within that end product, however, in every example   more»

So, What is a Responsive Website, Anyway? (Good Design, and Why You Should Care)

Whether you're an artist or an artisan, a small-business entrepreneur or a self-employed writer, you've likely heard what is by now an adage: make your website mobile-friendly.The reason for prioritizing mobile is clear:   more»

The Right Message: Craft Your Company's E-mail Campaign (and Keep It on Track)

You're in the businesses of reaching out to customers, and a well-run e-mail campaign allows you, the owner, to interact in a personal way with your consumer base. What's more, you can almost always anticipate a positive   more»

Response Rules: 5 Ways Your Business Can React Properly to Social-Media Comments

When it comes to negative feedback online, small businesses don't have to experience a Robin-Thicke level Twitter debacle to grasp the power of the socialmedia critic. Even a single negative comment can be a big deal.And   more»

SMBs and the Social Equation: Which SocialMedia Sites Work Best for Businesses? 

There's little question that small-business owners understand the power of social media and its importance to their bottom line. As of 2013, some 92% of polled SMBs (Small - Medium Businesses) said their social profiles were   more»

Retrocraft Design: Crafting a Custom E-Commerce Solution

Here's the problem, when you're an up-and-coming seller of uniquely restored classic and mid-century furniture: you have this incredible inventory but it's incredibly difficult to ship. Still, you still want your   more»

The Redesign-Revenue Link: Charting a Path to Better Websites (and More Money)

If you follow the evolving arc of web-design ideas, you'll likely have already heard of conversion-boosting overhauls that include more calls to action, pre-rollout testing, and mobile optimization for tablet and smartphone   more»

Feeding Your Audience: Pacing and Sustaining Your Artist's Website 

For artists and creative professionals, keeping your home on the web fresh, dynamic, and engaging often takes a backseat to the work and craft of the art at hand. Perhaps that's as it should be, most of the time. But the   more»

Landing Pages: Winning Designs Help Earn Conversions

Though mobile usage is on the rise, traditional websites are still a giant part of the immediate future when it comes to how users interact with businesses. Seventy-two percent of site traffic still comes from non-mobile devices,   more»

Why we believe in Custom Web Design.

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming eBook "Seven Essential Elements of Effective Websites"

There are most likely, almost a million templates for different web platforms out there. A template is a pre-created   more»

Content is still Queen. Long Live Content.

Think about what is interesting to you when you do a search. Is it all about shoes? Technology? Music? Fashion? Sports? News? Games? Javascript trends?

Okay, maybe that last one is just us and nerds like us. The point   more»

Building your site from the outside in.

When you are considering a new website for your business, it is important to think like a visitor. What are they looking for? What do they need to know about you? What DON'T they need to know about you? As obvious as this   more»

Check your Domain Name! Don't let it expire!

Your domain name is the key to being found on the web. Slabmedia hosts the files for your web site itself, but we do not control your domain name. To keep your site accessible on the web, it is important to maintain your domain   more»

Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien (the perfect is the enemy of the good)

In webdesign as in many things, the perfect is the enemy of the good. Just like trying to throw a shot put perfectly or not at all, or not playing golf until you can hit a hole in one on the first try is almost certainly not going   more»

We are all indie bands now.

Back in 1999 when the digital millennium copyright act was being drafted, I was a encouraged by the service "napster" and how it was growing our fan base by allowing people to freely exchange, and more importantly share opinions   more»

Crowdsourcing & Design, not NEW, not HIP, not ETHICAL, not SMART.

Recently, I've been made aware of some designs coming from sites set up to crowdsource tasks that would otherwise be done by a professional. Crowdsourcing is essentially outsourcing to distributed groups of people, tasks   more»

Another word about email and security.

Does your password consist of any word found in any dictionary? Does it contain important dates or numbers in your life such as the birth of your child or parts of your social security number?  How about a famous quote or   more»

My thank you to Steve Jobs

Our company runs on Apple. Our servers don't, but all of the machines in our office are Macs. There is just no way that I could have created this web system without Apple, not because of specs, or programs. All the programs   more»

What if there were an alternative to Bing and Google? One that respected your privacy?

What if indeed? Turns out there are. There is a growing desire for a simple search engine that only does the job of searching, not profiling you for various marketeers. A good example is The searches are simple,   more»

Filter Bubbles on the internet and why you should care.

Not so long ago, I noticed that on my facebook account, I was only really seeing posts on my wall from a few of the 1000+ friends I currently have. I had recently had an educational and rational discussion with someone with whom   more»

Interesting Article on Web Design Mistakes

If you’re a small business owner, your website is the central hub of your company, and it’s a pivotal part of your marketing and branding. Potential customers visit your site specifically for its content, meaning its   more»

New SLAB500 module: tMail™

Watching the new trends in communication is important to us here at SLABmedia. We scrutinize each one we see, to catch which we can use to enhance our web-interface. This one is really exciting. tMail™ - is a web-application,   more»

Password Security

Ask most people where they should be sure to use a strong password (see below) they will say "online banking", or maybe "ecommerce shop account" Very few will say: "my email account." STRONG PASSWORD INGREDIENTS 8 or more   more»

of Restaurants & Websites

What is it about a restaurant that, unlike a plumbing company or a hairdresser, inspires the commissioning of websites that are so unhelpful? Many of us have had the same experience: we are out and about, and trying to get   more»

A huge variety of web-safe fonts - OTF?! ... I mean WOFF!!

Ask any web designer about their deepest secret wish, as they drift off to their neatly kerned slumber, and most will say: "I dream of seeing Franklin Gothic, Helvetica Neue, Cochin, Frutiger, even DIN Mittelschrift, all as   more»

Designing a logo should be cheap and quick, right?

Here is a great article about why the creation of logos tends to be quite expensive. If you ever wondered what goes in to making a logo, or have interest in the logo design process, check this out:   more»

The history of modern web browsers

I ran across this graphic at Digg - and thought it would be a great way to display the browser considerations we use when designing a website. You will notice that before 2 years ago, the browser market was seriously dominated   more»

A List Apart &

Jeffry Zeldman - the grand guru of light weight, web standards driven design. It was his book "Designing with Web Standards" that inspired us to build this system.   more»

Calendar Module Upgrade

We have upgraded the Calendar Module with several new views of your calendar. We have added a small 'Grid View' to the right of main Line View.  You will notice that when you go to your calendar that a small   more»

HTML Email

Tired of sending out text based emails to your mailing list?  You can upgrade your Newsletter Module to add HTML email functionality.  We will design an email template that will match the style and design of your site.   more»

SLAB500 dynamic websystem

   FIRE YOUR WEBMASTER! update your site EASILY yourself from anywhere!    CUSTOM DESIGNED! no templates! your site is unique! no templates!    ADD OR UPDATE ANYTHING text, images, audio and   more»

SLAB500 launches using the SLAB500 web system!

That's right, in order to advertise our web technology - we have used it to create this very site. There are many stylish examples in the sites section here. We now have a dozen live sites on the web currently and will   more»


Slabmedia once again voted one of the top Boston web designers by

We're excited to announce that Slabmedia has been chosen once again, this time from among 150 reviewed web design firms as one of the top web design companies in Boston by!Criteria include1. Reputation: A history   more»

Slabmedia voted one of the top Boston web designers by

We're excited to announce that Slabmedia has been chosen from among 388 reviewed web design firms as one of the top web design companies in Boston by! We scored highly on thier evaluation criteria, which included   more»

Your Internet, Your Moment: Sending a Message about Net Neutrality to the FCC

The United States has come to a critical point regarding how the Internet works, as the Federal Communications Commission has opened a public-comment period surrounding the very nature of the way users access and experience   more»

Heartbleed leaves our Servers alone BUT this is what you need to know.

This past weekend, the Heartbleed exploit hit the news. It was and still is, a big bad story. The exploit is difficult to understand, but it is widespread and even if our servers were not affected, it's important you know   more»

Slab partners with! The new slow wave in Social Networking

Slabmedia is proud to annouce a partnership with the new Slow Social Network!

You may have heard of the slow food movement. Now it's happening in social networking!

Sending messages with   more»

Net Neutrality - what it is and why it matters.

There has been a great deal of obfuscation regarding Net Neutrality. Most of what we hear about it is provided in misleading ads by broadband providers like Comcast and Verizon who have a vested interest in how it turns out. What   more»