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Developing or improving your brand identity

Jim Infantino
Wooden crate with Arbuckels Coffee Brand next to barrels

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo:

Understanding your project or organization is a key step in the development of your presence online and everywhere. Any web design project must begin with a deep understanding of your existing identity materials such as logo, mission statement, unique proposition, so that your online identity is in line with who you are and what you represent.

Most people think of this process as simply logo design. In reality it goes deeper than just your logo. Your logo is an immediate visual representation of your core principles. To design your logo effectively requires a comprehensive understanding of your values, offerings, culture, and philosophy. Sometimes, all that is required is a representation of your name in the right typeface. Often it requires a symbol that distills your uniqueness down to an icon.

Modern branding was evidenced in marketplaces during the 19th century with a literal branding iron that would burn a name on a barrel of goods. The practice actually goes back over 5000 years to early farmers laying claim to their cattle, and early vendors painting signs at fairs and markets to symbolically represent the nature of their wares to a mostly illiterate populace.

In the digital universe, your brand identity is represented in your social media posts, in your website’s browser tab, and of course, in the header of your website. The design of your digital and print materials flows from your branding. Your choice of typeface, color use, contrast, shape and informational architecture is based on the understanding of your identity and your branding materials. A change in the design of your logo, or a deeper change in your organization’s values or mission should be reflected in all your internally and externally facing materials, especially your website.

Here is a quick talk by Philip Dubrow of Marshall Strategy on Organizational Identity which shows the importance of understanding your company or organization, which is invaluable in developing the materials that will set you apart.

So, how is your organization identity? Is it optimally reflected on your webste? Here at Slabmedia, we are eager to help you align your web presence with the best representation of your identity. It’s enriching work we love to do.