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Professional Web Design: first impressions.

9 times out of 10, your website makes your first impression to a prospective client. What do you want that impression to be?

We believe that the first time someone is introduced to your business or project, they should get a full understanding of what you and/or your brand are all about. That is why we specialize in creating custom designed websites. We build professional, responsive, well-organized representations of your unique brand for the world to see.

It's not enough to just get found in a search. You need to communicate clearly, efficiently and attractively to get the response you want from a first-time or repeat visitor. When you have a professionally designed website, your marketing efforts, search engine results, and ad clicks convert your site's visitors into clients.

We are based in Boston, but work with clients across the country and around the world. Business is global as well as local and we understand that.

Your website is the most important part of your public persona. We are the professionals who can help you create it the right way, and keep it organized, optimized and generating income for you.

Make your first impression count, with Slabmedia.

Content matters, but so does professional design.

Information + beauty = conversion.

There is a general notion that people don't read. That idea can be misleading. People tend to scan and read content on your pages in an F pattern on the page. They see what is in the upper left section of the page first and then look around the rest of the page for content that interests them. Images are easily digested, but they don't tell the whole story. If sites with little to no text worked best, there would never be any need for new content, only good design.

The truth is that your visitors are looking for information that is unique, informative and new.

Filling a page with text containing keywords might attract various search engine robots, but the more sophisticated those robots become, the result will diminish. Your text needs to communicate your ideas and your unique propositions clearly to human beings. A simple page filled with good text might work to deliver your content but without a clear design plan, the main points you are writing can become lost in the noise of the page.

That is why you need a professional web designer who can create a structure for your content that will grab the visitor and entice them to read more. Elements at play are:

  1. the type of content your best visitor is looking for
  2. where it is shown on the page
  3. how distracting the overall design of the website is
  4. how easy is it to find out more information

A great, professionally designed website eliminates the distractors and gets your visitor to the content you want them to see, view or read. Not everyone is looking for a video to watch. Many people are on their phones or at work when they visit your site, and although video might seem like a good way to capture attention, it is not appropriate for every environment. Imagery communicates a lot of information, but it hits on a purely emotional level and doesn't do the best job of informing your potential clients or fans of your best attributes. Ultimately, you need to have a plan to provide good copy, and that plan should be repetitive. The more engaging your content is, within a framework that showcases it, the deeper the visitor will go to find out more. The more they browse your site, the more they will start to know, like, and trust you. Then you have them.

Slabmedia helps you tell your story better, and everyone loves a good story.