About Slabmedia

Your site is a living thing.

Slab is an aesthetic tool. It was born out of an artist’s effort, and its potential, it was first realized by creative people just like you.The story starts in 1997. Jim Infantino; the founder of Slabmedia, was working on a website for his band. As a graphic designer, he had a sense of aesthetics. As a musician, he has a vision for what his audience would want from a band’s site. Jim wanted to bring the concept of a dynamic web presence into the world of his music, and his   more»

Professional Custom Web Design & Development

The pages you put online - they aren’t just a business necessity. They’re not just points of commerce or an advertisement. They are a key element of your brand. It’s part of your identity, and it’s what you want to say to the world. Your site should look just the way you want it to, and it should be wholly yours, not based on something available to everyone else. It is unique. It is particular. It is professionally designed. It can’t come out of a one-size-fits-all box.Now, think about how   more»

SEO and conversion for brand marketing strategy.

Organic SEO is important. Being on the first page of google for search terms your audience will use to find you is important. Leveraging directories and location searches are important to being found, but what happens once your site is found?You need to be able to tell a compelling and clear story, combined with style and structure to turn those hard earned searches into results.Your key goal may be a signup, it may be a sale, it may be a contact, or something else, but without a comprehensive, informed approach   more»

How did we choose our name?

I wish it was an easy answer.In the early part of the last century there was a revolutionary philosopher named Ludwig Wittgenstein. One of his major assertions (if you can call them that, which you cannot) was that language is a game. Our words do not have specific, direct referential meaning, rather they are like pieces in a game. We try them out, we communicate because the pieces as they are used have effects, which are themselves, pieces in the same game. Words are defined only by their use, not   more»