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Lawrence Lessig

custom designed website design on 3 screens for Lawrence Lessig

A new website for the renowned Harvard legal expert.

Lawrence Lessig has been our hero ever since he introduced the creative commons licensing format. It’s been a thrill to put this website together for him to showcase his writing, speeches, and general thoughts. What more can we say? We were honored to create this website for him.

One novel feature we included in this new site was a darkmode. As some websites do not adjust automatically yet to darkmode, we allow the visitor to choose how they want to see the website. An example is included below.

Lawrence Lessig homepage boston web design

Homepage with silent video clips edited together

Lawrence Lessig media files on his custom designed website

Enormous library of video thumbnails in a grid with pop-over to view.

Lawrence Lessig Book page for They Dont Represent Us in darkmode

Darkmode view.