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Our Websites are Unique

Baldwin for the Arts

custom web design screens for baldwin for the arts and jacqueline woodson

A new website for an excellent non-profit

Jacqueline Woodson came to us for help with a new website for this amazing writer's retreat. We were able to rebulid their existing website in the Slab Web Publishing platform for superior architecture, design, and ease of editing. We look forward to the website's evolution.

From their homepage:

Located just 60 miles north of New York City on four beautiful acres, Baldwin for the Arts is a safe and nurturing space for Artists of The Global Majority. It is a place to go and not have to explain. It is a place to create system-changing work. It is a place to gather safely with other Global Majority Artists who are writing, composing and creating visual work.

Featuring multiple residential buildings, common spaces and organic food grown onsite, BFTA offers artists the ability to enjoy the freedom and creativity that comes with space, good food, and great company.

RealFood Hospitality Strategy Design

rfhsdcom screens on desktop ipad iphone

Redesign for the rebranding of premiere hospitality design consultant agency

We started building a clean new design for the rebranding of RealFood and thought we were on the right track, when the owner called us in and told us he wanted to move in a bolder, more courageous direction. He mentioned the 1989 Infinity ad by Hill Holiday where a voice speaks about quality of design over stock video of rain.

We did not expect this, but it opened the door to a whole new direction for the introduction to the website. We worked with Creamer & Co and Laidlaw Group to develop a starkly original approach that built curiousity at the start and communicated emotion before providing information.

It was a fascinating process to work on. With the help of Joelle at Creamer & Co. and Cindy at Laidlaw Group, we were able to put together compelling content for the website that is boosting their SEO and helping move them into their new, expanded, national market. We really loved this one.

Laconia Gallery

images of laconia lofts by boston based web designer

A new face for the famous South End Gallery

We were really pleased when the trustees of Laconia Lofts came to us for a revision of their website. The Laconia Gallery Website has archives dating back to the very early days of the web. We moved this website from where it was hosted on WordPress over to Slab to afford greater ease in editing and updating. The layout affords a dynamic presentation of the past gallery events to include very wide screen widths to very narrow. It was a pleasure to discover the history of the gallery as we built the site out.

J.P. Licks

JP Licks Webstie

A new design for the iconic Boston Ice Cream and Coffee shop.

J.P. Licks came to us because they needed a better performing website that didn't look boxy or lose any of their trademark funkiness. We developed a new responsive look that kept all of their quirkiness including an old-school visit counter that will better serve their customers when they are looking for the soft-serve flavor of the day, the nearest location for their ice cream fix, find the right cake for their party, or what beans are roasting at their headquarters.

Lawrence Lessig

custom designed website design on 3 screens for Lawrence Lessig

A new website for the renowned Harvard legal expert.

Lawrence Lessig has been our hero ever since he introduced the creative commons licensing format. It’s been a thrill to put this website together for him to showcase his writing, speeches, and general thoughts. What more can we say? We were honored to create this website for him.

One novel feature we included in this new site was a darkmode. As some websites do not adjust automatically yet to darkmode, we allow the visitor to choose how they want to see the website. An example is included below.

Lawrence Lessig homepage boston web design

Homepage with silent video clips edited together

Lawrence Lessig media files on his custom designed website

Enormous library of video thumbnails in a grid with pop-over to view.

Lawrence Lessig Book page for They Dont Represent Us in darkmode

Darkmode view.

Kwame Alexander

Website Design for Author Kwame Alexander

Website Design for Author Kwame Alexander

Kwame Alexander is a poet, educator and best selling author of over 24 books. We designed his site to reflect the vibrant, fun aspects of his work.

All good web design must have a plan for tablets and phones. We ensured that the image choice in the hero graphic would always show up in the right position regardless of screen size, and made the design of his mobile layouts were as unique to him as possible and branded to his particular aesthetic.

Liz Linder Photography

Details of Liz Linder's website design

Web Development for an excellent photographer

Liz Linder was happy with her existing website but had a hard time editing it. Her blog was in a different location and she needed one place for everything. We made some small changes to her design but gave her a new website where she could edit all her entries including her galleries from our Slab web publishing platform. Her work is amazing and we highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for fine photography.

Robert Livsey Wells

screen shots of robertlivseywells custom designed website

A new website for an established artist

Robert's son came to us and wanted to create a website for his father who has been painting for 30 years. We agreed it should be similar to his own website where he posts his paintings at, which we had created for him several years ago, but with some style differences and greater legibility. We created multiple galleries for viewing Robert's amazing work and an architecture that made it easy for galleries and press to find more information about him.

Canner Law & Associates, P.C.

custom web design layouts for CannerLaw

Website redesign 2021

Canner Law & Associates, P.C. likes to keep the web design fresh. We effect a redesign every couple of years for them to provide an up-to-date look for their clients to see. This is the 2021 design. They represent buyers and sellers during the property closing process. We look forward to many new designs in the future.

J.P. Licks Coffee Roasters

desktop mobile tablet views of jplickscoffeecom

New Shopify website for J.P. Licks, focusing on Coffee Beans sales.

Most people in Boston know J.P. Licks for their delicious treats, but more should know about their amazing coffee. They focus on Rainforest Alliance Certified, Organic Certified, and Fair Trade Certified coffee beans that are roasted to perfection. We brew their coffee here in the office using a Chemex Ottomatic and ever cup is just great. We built this site for them in Shopify, customizing the look to reflect their quirky style and showing off images of the actual beans for each roast to help people choose the right coffee for their taste.

Dar Williams

Dar Williams Website on mobile tablet and desktop

Singer, Songwriter, and Author. A new design for 2021

Dar needed a refreshed website that could be easily edited and updated by her team with minimal fuss. We used our own Slab Web Publishing Platform to create a unique design that would show off her books, appearances, concerts, and music. Built-into her website is a newsletter engine to send out notifications to her fans. We created a site for her years ago, and are excited to have her back with us again. This is her 2nd redesign in the website’s new home on Slab.

Sneaky Cards

detailed views of Sneaky Cards website

The largest game of tag in the world

We developed this site in cooperation with Cody Borst, the game's creator. With the website and now the app (in French only for now, api developed for cocktailgames) visitors can track their physical cards and see where they have been passed throughout the world, commenting and connecting in a vast game of social virtual and physical sharing.

Patty Larkin

Patty Larkin's Website on desktop tablet and phone

New official website for a marvelous songwriter and performer.

Patty Larkin is a personal hero of Jim’s so when they contacted us to give their website a fresh, modern, responsive design, we jumped at the chance. We developed new methods for viewing and editing press materials that showed off the assets perfectly, optimized the views of Patty’s extensive discography, and created a new website for her that shows off the depth and breadth of her remarkable career in music. We wanted the style to be in line with her new release and also to be in line with her personal style. We made sure that even though there is copious information available, it could all be reached easily by the visitor either by search or by browsing.


Gamewright screen shots of website

Card, Dice, and Board Games for the whole family.

With a completely custom backend, compelling design, and functionality, Gamewright got exactly what they wanted and nothing they didn't. The website filters for age, type of game, and learning skills. It shows a handy location tool for where to buy and more.

Game search web page on gamewright dot com

Games grid with filter options

Game detail page on gamewright dot com

Game detail page

Marshall Watson Interiors

screenshot of marshall watson website homepage

We are thrilled at the opportunity to create an excellent new site for Marshall Watson Interiors. By keeping true to their branding and the aethetics of their new book, we were able to create a responsive and elegant site to match the company's impressive body of work.

grid view of designs at marshall watson website
mobile and tablet views of marshall watson interiors dot com
book section of marshal watson website
Press page of marshall watson website
signature products page at marshall watson interiors dot com
Tall scrolling view of marshall watson interiors homepage

Livingston Taylor

Livingston Taylor's website on multiple screens

A great new website for songwriter, performer, and teacher, Liv Taylor.

We created a new look for Livingston that helped him stay on top of keeping his website current. We integrated Shopify functionality directly into his website for his many, many recordings.