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Slabmedia, LLC. Payment Policy

Updated January 28, 2020

Your payment for use of the Slab Web Publishing Platform is due in advance.

Our service is paid in advance, as is most service of this type industry-wide. Your payment must be received by the due date on your invoice or it will be considered past due and subject to limitations on support requests, suspension, or termination under this policy.

Please keep your contact information, particularly your best email address, updated with us.

It is your responsibility to keep your billing email address current. If your billing email address is outdated, we will not be able to reach you with invoicing and other critical account notifications and information. For users with multiple email addresses, it is your responsibility to indicate which address is appropriate for billing.

We will take down websites and/or discontinue email services (for clients whose sites and email accounts are hosted on our servers) for all accounts which are 2 months past due. We reserve the right to remove all client data from our servers completely after accounts are 3 months past due. This is standard industry practice.

After 1 month of non-payment, we will disable the content editing features of your site. After 2 months of non-payment, we will send a notice of take-down (on the site removal date) to the email address we have on file for your account and remove your site from the internet and/or discontinue email service on your account. The account must be paid in full, including any outstanding balance on your account, before service is reactivated. If paying by check, the check must be received, deposited, and clear our account before we reactivate the site/email.

We reserve the right to terminate our service for any account holder whose account is past due twice in any two-year period.

As hosting is paid in advance, this means your payment must be received by the due date on your invoice in order to be considered current. We encourage all our users to sign up for monthly or annual recurring payments by credit card at our secure payment portal here: in order to keep your account current.

We will not provide phone or email support for websites or email accounts for customers with past due balances. Your account must be paid through the current month to receive phone or email support.

Our answering any support request is contingent upon your account being up to date, through the current month. We will not make site changes, perform email configuration, or troubleshoot any account-related issue until we have received payment in full for your service. If paying by check, the check must be received, deposited, and clear our account before we provide the requested support. As always, we reserve the right, within our discretion, to make system changes to your site and email as required for proper system function, security, maintenance, and updates.

We encourage all our customers to confirm recurring credit card payments and if necessary arrange for future payment at the following secure url:, and to confirm that you are receiving invoices. If you are not receiving invoices, please update your billing email address with us immediately by emailing us at [email protected].

Use of our services constitutes your acceptance of this policy and the complete Terms of Service available at the following url:

We appreciate your continued business, and this policy ensures we are able to provide you with the personal service we're so proud to be able to offer. Thank you.