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SLAB500 launches using the SLAB500 web system!

SLAB500 launches SLAB500com using the SLAB500 web system
That's right, in order to advertise our web technology - we have used it to create this very site. There are many stylish examples in the sites section here.

We now have a dozen live sites on the web currently and will be adding many more soon.

We call SLAB500 a web system because it is a fully compliant, accessible website, with the functionality and ease of use of a desktop application for the owner. Each page is as easy to manage and maintain as clicking a button and filling out a form. The site is modular in that each section of your site has custom functionality - so, if you have a calendar page or a gallery module installed, it behaves like a calendar or a gallery, not a generic blog entry.

You can edit the pages on the page - not from a seperate admin area. You can also give Admin powers to other users, so that team members can work on the site jointly.

Contact us and let us know what kind of site you need. Chances are, using SLAB500, we can put together a web system to fit your needs.