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Website Design for Author Kwame Alexander

Website Design for Author Kwame Alexander

Kwame Alexander is a poet, educator and best selling author of over 24 books. We designed his site to reflect the vibrant, fun aspects of his work.

All good web design must have a plan for tablets and phones. We ensured that the image choice in the hero graphic would always show up in the right position regardless of screen size, and made the design of his mobile layouts were as unique to him as possible and branded to his particular aesthetic.

Homepage scroll 1

kwame alexander homepage scroll screen capture
Kwame's site has a long scrolling homepage with unique information but also links deeper into his site. We started with a hero graphic with a call to action, information about the author and more links below that.

Homepage scroll 2

kwame alexander homepage scroll further down
Here we showcase Kwame's main areas of action - to book him for workshops and speaking appearances. Below that we have links to his works, events, and news. This encourages greater visitor interaction from the homepage.

Homepage scroll 3 with featured gallery overlay

kwame alexander homepage scroll with featured gallery overlay
Kwame has a complete gallery of photos on the gallery pages of his website but a simple gallery of thumbnails and popups allows visitors to get a quick glimpse of some from his homepage.

Books & Stuff section

kwame alexander web design books and stuff
Here Kwame can feature and describe each of his books in detail with links to where to buy. Each entry is automatically added to the sub-navigation to the right, keeping navigation between his books easy and intuitive.