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New SLAB500 module: tMail™

Jim Infantino

a trendy new method for not so instant messaging

Watching the new trends in communication is important to us here at SLABmedia. We scrutinize each one we see, to catch which we can use to enhance our web-interface. This one is really exciting. tMail™ - is a web-application, input device & module that combines the communication functionality of e-mail, texting, twittering and blogging, but with a fully-tactile input method that essentially redefines the word "input". The user (or tMailer) first much acquire a new physical "input application module" to get started, but once acquired, it is pretty much automatic, in a "manual" sense of the word "automatic." How it works -------------- The tmail-er uses the new input device / application / module to literally tap out a message on a sheet of dried pulp in the exact same way as they would their computer keyboard. The words appear on the dried pulp by means of a technology called "i-ink" or just "ink". Once it dries, this communication method really starts to show its potential. The words - now fused to the pulp sheet, are rolled out of the device with a satisfying whoosh, and are transported by foot, or by bike to a near by person. That person reads the message just like they would a normal email or text, and can respond to you with their own application input module device pulp stainer whoosher. To get started, send $8999.99 to SLABmedia, and we will send you the application input module tapper manual return whatever in about 5 to 800,000 business days. tMail™ the future of communication. Brought to you by the brainiacs at

Slab partners with! The new slow wave in Social Networking

Slabmedia is proud to annouce a partnership with the new Slow Social Network!

You may have heard of the slow food movement. Now it's happening in social networking!

Sending messages with knittlr is as easy as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,....9472!

Spend a week or three knitting your own personal message (called a kneet) to a friend. 2 colors of yarn are preferred so you can read the letters. Make sure to knit your knittlr name and the name of the knittlr recipient at the top of the finished square, scarf, hat or sweater. Kneets are grouped together by knottags. Adding a knottag to your kneet is as easy as knitting a word or phrase (no spaces please) and tying it to the kneet with a knot.

Get up from your rocking chair, walk and hand the knitted message to another knittlr, who will hand it to another, and so on until it finally gets delivered to your intended target. (usually takes a month or more)

Your friend can then knit you a message back, or add on to your kneet, and deliver it back to you the same way.

Once you are done, send the message you receive, through the knittlrverse to Knittlr and they will knit them all together to knit the social fabric of the knittlrsphere.

Knittlr can tell a lot about who you are by the kind of stitches and yarn you use. Knittlr collects that informtion to send you knitted advertising, by adding a knitted message onto your kneet.

So grab some yarn and some knitting needles and start kneeting! You will be growning your knittlr network in no time! Okay, well, maybe several months or maybe years.

Happy April 1 from Slabmedia.