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What is Piwik?

Piwik is an amazing open-source option that can track and display all sorts of data about who is using your site, when they are using it, and to some extent, what they are using it for.  The program is easy-to-read, understand and manipulate, and we highly endorse this as a better alternative to competing analytical tools. Some of the advantages of the Piwik system include the ability to generate reports as often as you would like. By default, Piwik generates reports in real time.  If your website has high traffic, you can choose what frequency you would like instead.  You have control over your options.  

Just like with SLABmedia, you have a lot of control over your own Piwik account.  You can decide what features you want and which ones to remove.  Plus, since the user interface is very customizable, you have the ability to drag and drop each feature to create your perfect display.Besides the basic traffic data that you would get with any analyzer system (such as how many people visited each of your pages), you can also see what keywords were used in searches that caused the visitor to click on your site, how long they stayed on any particular page of yours, what geographical places accessed your site, what pages were used as an entry to your site, and which ones were the last stop for any visitor.  To see the full gamut of options, we recommend that you check out the Piwik demo listed below.

If you are already using Google Analytics, you may want to consider adding Piwik as a second source of tracking information.  Piwik offers some different options from Google Analytics and has a very unique look to it that helps process the information it gathers in a different way.  We like both programs and think they can both be useful in their own right, but we are particularly excited about the expanded possibilities offered by Piwik and encourage you to browse the basics highlighted in the demo listed below.  To have Piwik installed on your site, or to get more information about it, shoot us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to talk to you about this option.