Help with email

How do I set up my email?

WebMail Access
(important! - must be your entire email address)
PASSWORD: (something like) Yr^Pss^#W1*Rdd (but not that)
(we recommend using upper and lower case letters with numbers. Your email account is important to your security)

POP3/IMAP Access - use this information for setting up your mail client (Thunderbird, Outlook, Mail)

POP / IMAP server: (replace 'yourDomain' with your domain here)
Use SSL: checked
If you get a warning during initial check, you can either hit "connect" or "save this certificate." The certificate is valid, but a warning sometimes shows up.

SMTP server:
Use SSL: checked
SMTP server port: 465 (recommended)
SSL should be checked or set to on: for outgoing mail using
ie: your username and password for your incoming mail (see above)

QUOTA: The mailboxes have 2GB of disk space in the Inbox of your mailbox. If you need more space, let us know. We may need to upgrade your mailbox format to avoid slowness. If not, you can either set your mail program to remove msgs periodically, or you can go in through WebMail and move/delete msgs from the Inbox. If you go over quota, incoming msgs will be bounced.

PASSWORD: The password can be reset through the WebMail interface.

iPhone/iPad Email Walkthrough (iOS 7/8)

1) On your iOS device, go to “Settings”—> “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.

2) In the “Accounts” section, click “Add Account”.

4) Click "Other"

5) Click “Add Mail Account”.

6) In “Name” type your name, in “Email” type your full email address, in the password field type your email password, and in “Description” type your name. Click "Next".

7) On the next screen, make sure “IMAP” at the top is blue. Enter the values as listed below, substituting your email address for "". Incoming mail server should be, and the username would be It is important that your outgoing mail server (also known as an SMTP server) be! Your username and password are the same as those you entered for the incoming mail server. When complete, press "Next" to proceed.

8) At this time, if you encounter an SSL related prompt, click “Continue”. The account may take a moment to verify.
9) On the next screen, turn off “Notes” and press “Save”. Your email account should be viewable in Apple’s iPhone now! Please give the device a minute or two to sync your data.

How do I check my mail using WebMail?

You can login to with your email address and password.

Each email account has access to WebMail. To create a new message, click "compose." Your IMAP folders are listed on the left, to view a message, just click on it. You will see options to reply, delete, forward, etc, just like any mail application.

I am using IMAP to check my mail, how do I archive messages off the server?

The IMAP protocol for checking mail was created to all multiple devices to check the same mail spool. This method leaves all messages received or moved to folders to remain on the server. At some point the you will run into quota issues. Here is a link to Apple's article on how to download messages to your computer and to delete them from the server.

In Mac Mail

In the menubar, Go to Mailbox > New Mailbox and create a new mailbox called my_IMAP_archive - or something you want to hold your off-line mail. Make sure it is inside of the "On My Mac" folder in the pull down menu.

Then go to the menubar and under Mail pull down to Preferences

Now click on Rules and then Add Rule

Give it a name like "Archive IMAP Mail"

Using the pull down menus, set up the rule to say that if Date Received is More Than 30 days old, Move it to my_IMAP_archive (or whatever you named it).

Save and apply - and you are done. Mail will check to see if there are messages on the server that are more than 30 days old, and pull them down for offline viewing. This prevents your inbox from becoming huge and un-checkable.

What is an SMTP Server? How do I set up outgoing mail? new

SMTP Service

To send e-mail, you need to specify an SMTP (outgoing e-mail) server in your POP3 or IMAP e-mail reader. SMTP service for outgoing e-mail is provided on our networks by the server. This is the only server on our network that may be used for SMTP traffic.

You may configure your e-mail reader to use this service by setting your SMTP server to:

We recommend using SMTP Server Port: 465

SSL should be checked or ON

AUTHENTICATION should be set to use the same username and password as your incoming email.

Can I filter my email through my Gmail account, and check it with my desktop application?

Using Gmail to filter your mail is useful because it allows you to take advantage of gmail's spam filtering, to check gmail from your phone, and lets you send mail from your regular email address through Gmail.  Before you make the switch, however, be sure to consider that you are effectively giving all your personal information to Google with this method.  Make sure you read Google's privacy policy and that you are comfortable with it before performing the following actions.

In your Gmail account, go to settings and choose 'accounts' and 'import'.

Then set up a POP account via Check mail using POP3: input your mail server and fill in your username and password.  You want the mail to be deleted once it is checked.

Once you do this, you will have the option to set your default email address under "Send mail as:" on the same page.

Then in mail on the Mac or Outlook in Windows, set up the program to check your gmail account with IMAP settings - and label it appropriately. You can then disable your old account.