Editing Your Content

Creating a Categories, Galleries, Families or Sections

To create a new category, add a new entry (like a photo or a news item) by logging in and clicking the new button on the page you want the item to be and then add a category name to the create category field.
To delete a category, either delete all entries in that category or rename the category.

Logging in

In the footer of every page of the site there is a button that says members login or 4 Admins or some such. Click there and then enter your user name and password assigned to you by us.
To register for a user name and password, fill out the information below this login form and a username and password will be sent to you. However you will not be assigned administrative abilities without the permission of the site manager.

Adding new pages in a section

You can add pages to any module that has already been installed. Simply login and click on the NEW button near the bottom of any page or, if you don't see one at the bottom of the page, in the SLAB500 MENU near the top of the page.

Editing an existing page

Same as adding a new page, click on the EDIT button near the bottom of the page. Make sure you are logged in first.

Adding a new Gallery

Galleries work much the same way categories do. Simply add a new photo and give it's gallery a name in the field called Gallery. To delete a gallery, move all the photos in that gallery to another one, or delete all of those photos.

Adding pictures to the Gallery pages

Go to your gallery, make sure you are logged in, and click the NEW button.
Click on the button near the IMAGE label in the form and choose an image from your hard drive to upload. The image must be either jpg, png or gif format, and cannot be more than 4MB in size.
Then add a title, description and credit if you like. The thumbnail and display image will be created automatically, and the thumbnail will be positioned along the right side submenu in which ever gallery you choose or create for it.

To add multiple images at the same time, follow these easy steps:
From your gallery page, click on the SLABmenu at the top right and select "Upload Multiple Images".  A new window will pop up that will allow you to select a gallery or create a new gallery for your photos.  Underneath, you will see that it has multiple slots in which you can add photos to go in the gallery that you selected above.  Once you have completed adding your photos, click on the "Go To This Gallery" button to see your finished work.