Editing Your Content

Creating a Categories, Galleries, Families or Sections

To create a new category, add a new entry (like a photo or a news item) by logging in and clicking the new button on the page you want the item to be and then add a category name to the create category field.
To delete a category, either delete all entries in that category or rename the category.

Video Demo

This video should answer most of your questions regarding editing and adding content on Slab. Click the link below.

Getting Started

Email or call us, and we will set you up. Production time is about 4-6 weeks from receipt of deposit and all design materials.  Rush service is available for 50% additional to the quote.  Turn around time is then 10 business days.

Logging in

In the footer of every page of the site there is a button that says members login or 4 Admins or some such. Click there and then enter your user name and password assigned to you by us.
To register for a user name and password, fill out the information below this login form and a username and password will be sent to you. However you will not be assigned administrative abilities without the permission of the site manager.

Adding new pages in a section

You can add pages to any module that has already been installed. Simply login and click on the NEW button near the bottom of any page or, if you don't see one at the bottom of the page, in the SLAB500 MENU near the top of the page.

Editing an existing page

Same as adding a new page, click on the EDIT button near the bottom of the page. Make sure you are logged in first.

How to Order Categories, Galleries, Families or Sections

To get categories to run in an order other than alphabetical, you need to rename each of the categories by editing an entry in each category.

Once you've started editing the entry - click on the RENAME CATEGORY FIELD, enter the category name, if it does not show up on it's own, and select an ORDER from the pull down field to the right of that category. If you have not set the other categories to a numerical order, you will need to order all the other categories so that they show up in the proper position.

Adding a new Gallery

Galleries work much the same way categories do. Simply add a new photo and give it's gallery a name in the field called Gallery. To delete a gallery, move all the photos in that gallery to another one, or delete all of those photos.

Adding pictures to the Gallery pages

Go to your gallery, make sure you are logged in, and click the NEW button.
Click on the button near the IMAGE label in the form and choose an image from your hard drive to upload. The image must be either jpg, png or gif format, and cannot be more than 4MB in size.
Then add a title, description and credit if you like. The thumbnail and display image will be created automatically, and the thumbnail will be positioned along the right side submenu in which ever gallery you choose or create for it.

To add multiple images at the same time, follow these easy steps:
From your gallery page, click on the SLABmenu at the top right and select "Upload Multiple Images".  A new window will pop up that will allow you to select a gallery or create a new gallery for your photos.  Underneath, you will see that it has multiple slots in which you can add photos to go in the gallery that you selected above.  Once you have completed adding your photos, click on the "Go To This Gallery" button to see your finished work.

Adding a new top level navigation section or module to your site

Email or call us, and we will set you up. Refer to our order page to get an idea of what modules we have to offer, and what the cost will be.

Adding YouTube or Vimeo video to your news, blog, about us, or other text sections

  1. First go to YouTube - navigate to the page where the video you want is located.
  2. Look for the "EMBED" button & click it.
  3. A text area with the code you need already selected will show up - as well as some tools for styling and resizing it.
  4. Make the changes you need, and copy the code.
  5. Then go to your site, sign in, click "NEW" or "EDIT" to start a new entry or edit an existing one.
  6. Give your page a title.
  7. If you are using the WYSIWYG editor (the one with the buttons up top), click the "Source" button.
  8. If you are not using that editor,  just paste in the code to the BODY of the page.
  9. Save it - and your video will show up on your page.

Adding links to a text field

There are now multiple ways to create links in the middle of a block of text. If you want to create a generic link to an external site, enclose it in triple curly braces like so: and it will show up like link. To create an internal link to your own site, use square brackets. Make sure you always include the http:// in your links. To name your link, add a space between the url and the ending brackets like this: i love slab500 and it will show up like: i love slab500

These instructions are at the bottom of the first text field in the editing form of each page.

These formats DO NOT WORK in title or url name fields or any field that is supposed to be one line in length. To change the behavior or size of these fields, contact us and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Upload MP3s


First, login to your page. Then go to your music module, often called "CDs". From there, click on the edit button to add a CD to your page. The CD page will have a button called "New Track" where you can add individual songs to your page.


  1. Click on 'New Track'
  2. Select the title of the CD that you created from the CD pull down muenu
  3. Title the Track
  4. Click Browse/Choose to select and MP3 from your hard drive.
  5. Add any Description, Credits, Copyright, and click SAVE

To encode tracks from a CD to MP3s.

  1. Insert disc in to your computer, open iTunes.
  2. Set Preferences in iTunes

Preferences > General > Import Setting Button
Import Using MP3 Encoder
Setting: Higher Quality (192 kbps)

  1. Click 'Import CD' in iTunes
  2. Importing the CD will encode the CD as mp3 tracks, and creates a folder in the iTunes Directory. You will find this file in the step above when you browse your hard drive for the mp3 file.

Upload Videos

This process is very similar to adding MP3s (see above). You start by logging in and going to your video module. There, you can fill in the various information fields in the 'Edit' area. To rip Video Files from a DVD you own the copyright for, you can download a program called Handbrake: The standard encoding that looks the best is H.264 Encoding. For frame size, generally 480 x 360 pixels is best, or wider dimensions if the video is in the wide screen format. Make sure you specify that the output of the file needs to be 100MB or less.