Help with email

Can I filter my email through my Gmail account, and check it with my desktop application?

Using Gmail to filter your mail is useful because it allows you to take advantage of gmail's spam filtering, to check gmail from your phone, and lets you send mail from your regular email address through Gmail.  Before you make the switch, however, be sure to consider that you are effectively giving all your personal information to Google with this method.  Make sure you read Google's privacy policy and that you are comfortable with it before performing the following actions.

In your Gmail account, go to settings and choose 'accounts' and 'import'.

Then set up a POP account via Check mail using POP3: input your mail server and fill in your username and password.  You want the mail to be deleted once it is checked.

Once you do this, you will have the option to set your default email address under "Send mail as:" on the same page.

Then in mail on the Mac or Outlook in Windows, set up the program to check your gmail account with IMAP settings - and label it appropriately. You can then disable your old account.