Help with email

I am using IMAP to check my mail, how do I archive messages off the server?

The IMAP protocol for checking mail was created to all multiple devices to check the same mail spool. This method leaves all messages received or moved to folders to remain on the server. At some point the you will run into quota issues. Here is a link to Apple's article on how to download messages to your computer and to delete them from the server.

In Mac Mail

In the menubar, Go to Mailbox > New Mailbox and create a new mailbox called my_IMAP_archive - or something you want to hold your off-line mail. Make sure it is inside of the "On My Mac" folder in the pull down menu.

Then go to the menubar and under Mail pull down to Preferences

Now click on Rules and then Add Rule

Give it a name like "Archive IMAP Mail"

Using the pull down menus, set up the rule to say that if Date Received is More Than 30 days old, Move it to my_IMAP_archive (or whatever you named it).

Save and apply - and you are done. Mail will check to see if there are messages on the server that are more than 30 days old, and pull them down for offline viewing. This prevents your inbox from becoming huge and un-checkable.