Domain Names

What is the difference between Web Hosting and Domain Registration?

Your domain name is simply the text in the url between the http://www. and the end of the .com or .org or .net or whatever ends it. You register the domain name at a registrar like or or wherever you want (we recommend pairnic). Once registered, your registrar reserves your name so that it cannot be used by anyone else in the world, and points it to your webserver where your site is hosted.

Think of your webserver (we are a webserver provider) as your house, and the domain registrar as the local town registry of deeds. You can go the to registry of deeds to find out where the house is, but you don't go there expecting to see the house.

Another way to think of these two is the difference between your phone number and your phone. The number gets a caller to your phone, but you don't need to buy your phone from the phone company that registers your number (in an ideal world).

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