Web-Related Issues

How do I control my keywords, site description and page titles?

The first thing to do, is to enter keywords and a site description. This can be accessed via the "SITE CONFIGURATION" selection under the Slab menu in the upper right hand corner.

Keywords are monitored by every search engine except google - they are search terms separated by commas ie: "integrative medicine, cancer, alternative medicine, etc" -- you can go up to 255 characters with this.

A Site Title is used by Google, and it is a simple description of your service or your site.

Beyond that, for a charge tbd, we can monitor your progress via Google's statistic tools, and webmaster tools. We can give you a report every other week, fine tune the content of your site, and suggest ways to promote it to increase your ranking. At first it can take a few months to establish yourself on Google, however, our system is very Google-friendly, and I think with a little adjustment, and some external links, we should be able to get you on the first page at the very least.