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Web System

A web-system is a website builder and a hosting solution in a single package. Our system is dynamic and modular, meaning the end user can manage their own content and additional modules (see below) can be added as needed.

Module / Modular

We use the term module to refer to what is ordinarily known as a website's section or page. A module refers to any section of your site determined by a button in your main navigation. eg: "NEWS" "GALLERY" or "HOME"
Within any given module can be any number of sub-pages, organized by category or gallery.

Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System or CMS is a term for a website that can be edited by anyone without knowledge of web-code (html, php or asp) or direct access to the server. The Slab CMS is integrated into the design of the site, so that you can edit the pages you are currently looking at without logging into a separate "admin area". The advantage is that our system is more intuitive and easier to update.
Furthermore, when you create a new page, like a new news item, or a new photo in the gallery, the system creates all necessary navigation for that new page as well as all necessary thumbnails. Your site always stays well organized, and easy to navigate with no dead ends.

Dynamic web site

The word dynamic when used to describe a website means that the content is variable based on outside sources. Most commonly, it means it can be added or updated by the end-user. Some dynamic sites allow a visitor to the site to add content, but not with the same level of access as the owner of the site (the end user).

Front end interface

This means that users can edit the page they are viewing. They don't have to go to a separate, foreign looking 'admin area' to change their content.

Multi level access

This means that different users have different access to areas of the site as well as different kinds of administrative abilities. So, a press agent can be given access to edit only your press pages while you have access to everything. Your average site members only have access to your forum, and anonymous visitors can 'read-only'.
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