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Happy New Year from SLABmedia

We have had another exciting year at SLABmedia LLC, adding new functionality and new members to the SLAB500 web system. We wanted to take a moment at the close of the year to tell you about these changes:

Affilliates section
First take a look at our affiliates section to learn a bit about the growing number of designers and design firms that have decided to use the SLAB500 system for their clients' sites. This list will continue to grow in the new year.

SLAB500 sets 2.1 benchmark.
After many months of development, we have finally set a version number. Since there have been many marked improvements since we started SLAB500 in 2004, we have set this benchmark at 2.1. In the future, most upgrades will be optional. You will be able to set them in your configurations section (see below) under the SLAB500 menu. Check the area to the left of the SLAB500 menu for a little message light to let you know about upgrades you may want to opt in for in the future.

Upgrades to SLAB500 in 2007
Briefly, and possibly incompletely, I will try to list the upgrades we added to the SLAB500 system in 2007.

Draft Mode: a way to add a new entry without committing to going public with it.

ImGallery: a much needed upgrade to the Gallery module, including slideshow, better thumbnailing, display ordering, and now, forward and back buttons - (contact us to have them enabled for your gallery).

Contributor Mode: Do you have multiple writers? You can set some of them as Contributor, and they will be able to add new stories and even edit them all in draft mode until you give the go-ahead and set them to be published.

YouTube Embeds: You can now embed your favorite you tube videos directly into the text of your news, stories, notes, or any other text blocks on your site. Just take the embed code from YouTube and paste it in!

Contact Us module: Better flexibility and member list integration for the contact page. This one is high on the priority list for further improvements in '08.

Newsletter Upgrade: Whether you have an html newsletter, or plaintext, you can now send your newsletter in the background and it will send you an email with a report when it is finished. This should be a welcome improvement for SLAB500 users with thousands of subscribers.

Site Configurations: You can now customize your site's title bar, change your business name, main contact email address, keywords, site descriptions, as well as adjust the default width of some of the images you upload to various sections of the site by adjusting your site configurations under the SLAB500 menu.

Integrated Discussion Board: After a long time in development, version 1.0 of our new discussion board is available for your site. This board requires a signup for new members, but the information can be added with the first entry to the discussion. You can take a look at it on our site, under "DISCUSS".

That little spinning daisy: Yes, of course it's purely cosmetic, but we have added that little spinning daisy for when you are waiting for files to upload or resize. Hey, everybody's doing it.

I know I've forgotten some changes such as refinements to the Calendar module, and our new ShorR module, but it's been a big year, and we need to head out to a party tonight. Please take a look at our affiliates, as well as some of the sites we've been designing. Have a fantastic new year.

  • Jim & Catherine - SLABmedia, LLC.