General Information

What is a "managed system"?

We commonly refer to the Slab CMS as a "managed" solution. What do we mean by that? And what advantages does a managed system have over an unmanaged one?

Being "managed" means our system is integrated, centrally administred and overseen, and secure.

Many content management systems available today, whether they are open source or proprietary, rely on a plugin architecture to bolster their feature set. While the core software package originates from a trusted source, in order to extend the software's capabilities, web developers must rely on plugins submitted by third parties. These plug-in repositiories can be thought of as "App Stores" of sorts, though without the careful curation typical of major companies. In fact, most of the plugins in these repositiories offer no guarantee of compatibility with current core software versions, and many are no longer actively updated at all. In the worst case, they contain overtly malicious code, exposing their users to possbile data theft or loss.

When core software updates are released to address security concerns or add features, any of the plugins used on a site can, and often do, become inoperable. This means that keeping a site completely up to date, both in terms of its features and security, involves ensuring every single plugin on the site is also updated. Given the various degrees of commitment on the part of plug-in developers, we think this is hardy an ideal solution.

The Slab web system uses modules similar to plug-ins to extend its core feature set; however, all these modules are developed in-house, and are tightly integrated into the core software that powers our websites. That's what we mean by managed. Updates to the core always take into account the modules, and vise-vesa. The result are clean upgrades to address feature requests and security concerns, without any downtime, and the elimination of the multiple points of failure inherent in plug-in based software.

Centrally Administred
In addition to integration of our modules and core software, being a managed solution means we oversee our software administration centrally. When you use our system, you can count on us to ensure your site will run as designed, today, and in ten years. We will update your software and any modules you are running to address security concerns transparently and with no interaction necessary on your part. You focus on content, we focus on making sure your site is available and up to date.

In a plug-in based system, every feature facilitated by a plug-in is a potential attack vector for hackers. Your site is more vulnerable simply by virture of the number of different avenues available to attackers. Because Slab CMS is integrated, the types of attacks available to hackers are severely restricted. Rather than many potential points of failure, we have very few (and we watch those like hawks). Managed is more secure than fragmented.

Custom modules

If you don't see a module in our list, we will design it for you. If we feel that your module has a popular use, it will be added to our module library and there will be no extra charge for it. If the module you want is unique to your site, we will quote you a charge for custom work.

Hosting on another server

Hosting is currently part of the service plan for all Slab sites. Our service plan includes regular updates & improvements, and access to customer service via phone or email.

If you want to license our system, we can arrange that for you for a fee.